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Boys soccer moves to final round of Arapahoe Tournament

Over the past two days, the Littleton Lions boys soccer team participated in the Arapahoe tournament. They faced their opponents, the Thunderridge Grizzlies in the first round and won with a score of 5-1. The next day, they competed against the Douglas County Huskies and won 1-0.

The first game of the tournament was a good start for the Lions. In the first half, the ball was up the field for a majority of the game. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, team captain Omar Serrano scored the first goal. Soon after, Thunderridge saw an opportunity to step up their game and they became more and more aggressive.

This did not stop Serrano, as he was able to score his second goal of the game from a volley. Minutes after he scored, a player from the opposing team got a yellow card for retaliating on a foul from the Lions.

After this, the Lions began to fumble. Players started to get tired and passes became less accurate.

“We started strong but then I think slowly towards the end of the first half, we slowed down a little bit,” said senior Omar Serrano.

Yet, with 1 minute and 27 seconds left of the first half, senior Kevin Gutierrez scored. Finishing the half with 3-0.

The second half, the Lions managed to bounce back and win the ball. There were many opportunities for the Lions to score. They easily passed the defense multiple times and Gutierrez was able to score another goal.

Soon after this, Thunderridge was able to find a gap in the defense. They took goalie Enrique Ramos by surprise and scored their first goal of the game.

Although the Lions were tired, they were still able to nudge their way past the defense and score another goal at minute seven, this time scored by junior Sebastian Garnica.  The Lions were victorious in the first round of the tournament with the final score of 5-1.

“The finishing from us today was really good,” said Serrano.

In the second round, the game was delayed because of the weather and it affected them in the first half. The Lions went up against Douglas County and it was a pretty even match. Both teams had strong defense and offense.

Junior Logan McLaughlin played goalie for the first time during the season, and was able to block all shots from the goal.

By half time, everyone was tired. The score stayed 0-0 and both teams kept up their pace.

Starting the second half, the Lions were up the field more and attempted to make more crosses and shots towards the goal. The opposing goalie made it difficult to get close to scoring.

The game ended with 0-0, but since it was a tournament a winner must be determined, so they went into overtime.

Kevin Gutierrez fighting for the ball.

With seven minutes left, senior Kevin Gutierrez scored the game winning goal off a rebound from the goalie.

“We were all dead by then, we ended up winning surprisingly,” said senior Brandon Tellez.

Now, the boys will advance to the final round in the tournament tomorrow at 7 pm at LPS Stadium.