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Football loses 21-39 against Centaurus

Last night, the Littleton Lions football team played their first home game of the season against Centaurus, a 4A school. Many seniors in their overalls attended the game ready to support the Lions.

In the beginning, the Lions were a little off their game. Centaurus was able to get a kick return touchdown, crossing the goal line easily, making the score 6-0 within the first few minutes.

This did not discourage the Lions, as they were able to catch up towards the end of the first quarter, producing a score of 14-15.

The second quarter was a time for the Lions to get back into the game and try to score against their opponents. After Centaurus was in the lead by one point, senior Daivion Simon was able to score a touchdown.

Centaurus scored another touchdown and succeeded in scoring an extra point for their team. By the end of the second quarter, the score was an even 21-21.

“I think in the first two quarters we came out strong, we did really well. When we went in at half time, we were really pumped,” said senior Daniel Kukula.

Starting the third quarter, the Lions were able to keep their defense and offense strong. 

Poms and Cheerleaders cheering for the team.

As they continued to push their way up the field, the ball was fumbled by Kukula and the game took a turn.

“We came back out and something bad happened…I fumbled the first play and everyone got down about it,” said Kukula. 

The boys began to lose energy after this loss of morale occured.  They also started to lose players on the field due to injuries. Seniors Dominic Bozonier and Roy Marmolejo were out and it impacted the feel of the game for both the students in the stands, and the players on the field.

This put a stop to the Lions being able to score. By the end of the game, Centaurus took the win with a score of 39-21.

“When you don’t have a lot of players, you kind of loose that energy but I think we just need to bring our energy up and that’s something that we can work on,” said manager junior Brooke Wolanin. 

A big focus for the team will be to maintain the energy levels up and play with consistency for their next few games. The next home game will be on September 21, for homecoming week.