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Boy soccer plays Arapahoe in final round of Tournament

Saturday, September 8, Littleton boys soccer lost to Arapahoe zero to four in the final round of the Arapahoe Tournament.  The Lions won two out of their three games, beating Thunderidge High School and Douglas County High School.

The first half was a fairly even match, with Arapahoe only scoring one point. The Lions’ defense was especially strong in the first half, with the help of players such as senior Bryan Sirner and junior Nick Zirkle.

Ten minutes into the second half Arapahoe had an offensive streak, scoring two more points. Shortly after Littleton had a penalty kick attempt after a player was injured. The game continued to be extremely physical.

“Going into the middle of the season, we are going to work on being more creative during our attack toward the goal and sparking more chances to score,” said senior Ruben Cervantes Cabada.

Down three points, the Lions kept fighting with several offensive drives and a defensive save. Arapahoe scored their fourth goal with six minutes left in the game.

“I think since the beginning of the season the biggest thing we have worked on is getting some good chemistry with the team so that helped us out. Also we gave it our all and played with a lot of heart,” said senior Brandon Tellez Diaz.

Both Littleton and Arapahoe had a large crowd to support them. With every call, the fans became increasingly involved.

“Our fans were great last night, they kept us in a positive mood even thought we were scoreless. It puts lots of pressure on either side hearing the crowd cheer either with or against us. It truly does change the game and we really hope more Littleton students that come can experience a good intense running emotion when they come watch our games,” said Cabada.

The Lions have the rest of the season to continue to improve before the playoffs, where they will have the chance to defend their league title from last year’s season.