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Boys soccer beats Ponderosa

Tonight in an intense non-league game against Ponderosa High School, the Littleton boys soccer team edged out their competition with the final score of 3-1. The Lions stepped off the field with a current record of 4-3.

In the first half, senior captain Omar Serrano scored the first goal off of a cross from his team. Soon thereafter, the teams began to get more competitive with each other. Fouls from both teams occurred, and trouble began off the field.

Nick Zirkle waiting for a call from the ref.

Coach Pedja Vajzovic got into an argument with the coach from the other team, as well as the center referee. Some calls were difficult to make and it made the players slow down. Communication fell, and passes became less accurate.

“It started off very slow, we had no energy whatsoever. Personally, I think that the bad reffing may have been the cause of this due to a lot of confusing and bad calls” said senior captain Ruben Cervantes.

Players began to struggle keeping the ball up the field, and there was more pressure on the Lions’ defense. As the first half came to an end, Ponderosa was able to get more and more corner kicks, but were unsuccessful in scoring.

Captain Ruben Cervantes taking a throw in during second half

In the second half, the Lions were making more efficient passes and talked more on the field. However, Ponderosa was able to sneak past the defense on a corner kick and score a goal. With the score now tied 1-1, the Lions felt more pressure.

“The only thing going through my head was them scoring again… when your team scores a goal, morale increases by 100%… but I think we managed to slow them down and possess the ball more,” said Cervantes.

As the pressure began, players took more chances and Ponderosa’s defense began to slow down.  A Ponderosa player passed the ball back and as the goalie kicked the ball, freshman Eduardo Jimenez sprinted. The kick was rebounded off his back and he was able to score a goal from his team.

“I’ll take a goal any day, I think the key was to pressure fast. I was there at the right moment,” said Jimenez.

Seconds later, Omar Serrano scored his second goal of the game by taking the goalie one-on-one.

The game ended with a final score of 3-1, but the Lions did not feel victorious. Tensions were still present from the first half, and players felt defeated.

Sebastien Garnica taking a free kick

“Teamwork and communication is key factor for us to build chemistry, we need 100% effort from everyone from when the game starts to the full 80 minutes… That’s what we will work on with the league games coming up,” said Cervantes.

Littleton’s next game will also be a non-league game that will take place this Saturday against George Washington high school at 9:30 in the stadium.