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Homecoming bonfire starts week of festivities

The Littleton High School Bonfire has been around since before principal Amy Oaks. The bonfire was this Monday evening, and began at 7:30 pm, directly after parent teacher conferences in the athletic parking lot. This was the first year the teachers and staff were all there.

LHS students surround the fire

Language Arts teacher Alexis Theme says “[We] really kind of want to build morale, and kind of build school spirit that we feel has been lacking. So as staff members we kind of have this new goal to kind of build school spirit.”

The bonfire started and so did the noise; as the flames arose, the band began to play and students began to scream. The LHS Poms team danced with their backs to the immense heat.

The LHS Poms team hypes up the students

Students keep coming back to the bonfire. Upper classman and sophomores who have been before just about always come back, and there’s a reason why.

Senior Jack Klein says “I think the community, and how kind of every one can come together and appreciate the one Bonfire in the center is just pretty sick. It’s bright it’s a light, and it’s kind of just an attention grabber.”

That’s not it though, the bonfire is a staple for small communities within the school too, bringing together teams and clubs from different parts of the school.

“It brings so many people together. So many people turn out and I think it’s really great for the football team,”said junior Will Shewster, winner of this year’s bonfire pie eating contest.

For years friends have met at the bonfire, eaten at the bonfire, and now this year the whole school made a Congo-line at the bonfire. If anything is a strong staple of LHS school spirit, it is this year’s bonfire and the many to more to come.