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Chemistry teacher Nicole Sanford joins LHS staff

One of the newest additions to the LHS teaching staff is science teacher Nicole Sanford, a graduate of CU Boulder with a background in chemical engineering.

After living in California for a while, Sanford decided to move back to Colorado to pursue a career in teaching, something she had wanted to do since she was younger.

“Growing up, I always kind of wanted to be a teacher, but I was really really good at math and science so I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to go into engineering,” said Sanford.

Drawing from her experiences from her own high school days and her student teaching, Sanford knew exactly what she was looking for in school to work at. She wanted a school that was diverse and had a strong community: Littleton High School fit that bill.


“I went to a really big high school. I went to Cherry Creek High School, and I really wanted a school that had a good sense of community and support and one where you really felt like you knew all the staff…I also taught in some pretty diverse schools for my student teaching, so I wanted to stay in a school that was still pretty diverse, so that’s unique about Littleton… so when a chemistry job opened up, it just seemed like a perfect fit,” said Sanford.

Students at LHS seem to only have positive comments about Sanford.

“I feel like she’s a very good teacher. She’s nice to her students,” said sophomore Samuel Pausback.

“It’s awesome. I love it, yeah. The kids are great, the classes are fun, the staff is amazing… Everyone’s been super friendly, and super helpful. It’s been great,” said Sanford.