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Lion’s Cupboard Gives to Students in Need

Within the last few weeks, many students and staff may have noticed flyers up for The Lion’s Cupboard, but might not know what exactly it is. We went to Joshua Hahn, the founder of the clothing shop, to find out.

“The Lion’s Cupboard is a ‘clothes bank’ or a clothes closet for students and families in need. It ranges from swimsuits for swim class, gym clothes for P.E. classes, formal dresses and dress clothes, as well as regular clothes for students who might not be able to get them on their own,” said Hahn.

The best part about the clothing store? Everything is free.

“Students can just help themselves once a staff member unlocks the door for them,” says Hahn. “We don’t provide that anyone needs any documentation that they’re lower income and need clothes, it’s mostly just based on an honor system.”

The shop is purely donation based with gently used and new clothing items. “We also have gone out and purchased some of the clothes ourselves…we’re pretty well stocked right now, so we aren’t currently accepting any donations,” said Hahn.

The Lion’s Cupboard started up when Mr. Hahn first began working here, which was now seven years ago.

“Over time we’ve cleaned it up and added new clothes… Recently we’ve had a parent volunteer who’s taken it over and she’s done an amazing job of reorganizing it, cleaning it up, and making it look like a really nice second-hand thrift store. We also have one other parent volunteer and three students helping manage and maintain The Lion’s Cupboard.”

When asked about how much business The Cupboard has received, Hahn says that “not many students did in the past, it was kind of underground and not even some of the staff knew about it.” But, within this school year alone, students are visiting “almost every day”.

The clothing shop is located downstairs by the tech room, room 213X.

Hahn also wanted to mention that the next few Tuesdays after school, The Lions’ Cupboard is going to be opened up students and parents to try on clothes and take what they need, however it will be open all year. For more information, you can see Ms. Smith, Mr. Hahn, or any other available staff member.