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Homecoming 2018, Showcase

Casa Bonita Cliff Divers spike the ball to victory

Every year during homecoming week LHS holds a boy’s volleyball tournament. This year’s tournament was on Wednesday September 19. There was hard competition with nine teams in the running and an even better fan turnout than last year.

Senior Ozzie Froelich spikes the ball

Even with the competition high, once again a senior team dominated over all the rest. The tournament victors were the Casa Bonita Cliff Divers. They won the championship with a score of 15  to 13 against a junior team, the Average Joes.

Seniors celebrate after a point

“We were there for the fans really but it felt like we were really there to win,” said Paul Schiebel, a Casa Bonita Cliff Diver.

“And just as a brotherhood, and a bunch of guys just being dudes,” added another Cliff Diver Tyler Ervin.

Today in the south gym, competition was high and so were people’s spirits. The game had great student participation and energy. The crowd packed the bleachers full and spilled onto the gym floor to support their teams.

“The one group that had the ties in their shirts were really funny and made the game a lot more interesting to watch. This was my first spirit week and so far it’s been a blast,” said freshman Lily Flores.

It is also highly encouraged to come dressed up in costumes with your team for the event, which makes it even more fun for spectators and the participants. This year there were a couple participants with onesies and multiple with homemade costumes with rolled up shorts and tied up shirts.

Junior Nick Deshon hits the ball in a dinosaur onsie

Many people always enjoy this homecoming event, but there are also a few students who would love a boy’s volleyball league at LHS. We may soon be able to enjoy more boys volleyball outside of homecoming week, but for now all we can do is count down until next year’s volleyball match and enjoy other LHS homecoming traditions.