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Holly Rossman: Newest Drum Major

Junior Holly Rossman began her first year as the Pride of Littleton Marching Band’s new Drum Major. Entering her 3rd year in band as a clarinet player, and her 7th year playing overall, Rossman was eager to start the exciting new task of becoming a drum major.

“A drum major is a student who leads the band, both by leading them in rehearsals, and by conducting the band in performances…we also spin a mace in parades like Western Welcome Week and the State fair. Spinning mace is really hard and a lot of fun, and it’s how I won the ‘Most Outstanding drum Major Award” at the State Fair!” said Rossman.

After going through a rigorous test including essay questions, service projects benefiting the Marching Band, and a live performance, Rossman is more than excited to accept this position along with senior Seth Young.

I wanted to be a drum major because Littleton’s band program means the world to me. The people, the staff, and the program have done so much to change my life for the better, so how could I not want to give back to it?”