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LHS welcomes Bubba the tortoise

Littleton High School Science teacher Mike Montgomery has just added a new animal to the dozens he already has in this classroom; his name is Bubba. Bubba is a red footed tortoise who may be new to Montgomery’s class but isn’t new to LHS.

Prior to being in Montgomery’s class, Bubba the tortoise was actually in counselor Sam Adams-Berger’s office.

“Mrs. Adams-Berger had this turtle and she got it from someone else and she just wanted to know if it could have a new home here at the school so she gave me the tortoise and the cage and everything,” said Montgomery.

Bubba was gifted to counselor Sam Adams-Berger at the start of the Afghanistan War by a soldier who had to leave, and she has owned him for twenty years.

“I think they’re really interesting and they’re really easy to take care of. They don’t smell, they don’t need to eat a lot and it makes my room a more interesting learning environment,” said Montgomery.

The LHS science teacher has a lot of animals, mostly reptiles. He believes that they help make his class more unique and interesting even though at times they can be distracting.

“I think it makes it fun for them to come to class, it probably is more of a distraction for some kids than others, but at least they’re in here,” said Montgomery.

“I believe it helps my learning because all of the animals are so calm and peaceful that when I feel stressed I look at them in class and I calm down,” said sophomore Kdee Herrera.