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LHS STEM Introduces the Maker’s Lab

As we begin the year here at Littleton high school, a new resource has opened its doors to students in the STEM program, the Maker’s Lab! It boasts a textiles unit (sewing machines, croquet equipment and more), stop motion animation station, 3D pens, a podcast station and other  materials. The lab, located in the library, is intended for students enrolled in the STEM program “to use and be able to train other STEM students,” said LHS technology teacher Pamela Wilkins.

During the fall of 2017, the idea for the Maker’s Lab was conceived by both Wilkins and STEM coordinator Heather Bartlett-Mogg as a new out-of-the-box way to introduce students to more STEM activities and allow them to create projects outside of class assignments.

“The idea is a place for students to explore something that isn’t directly offered in classes,”said Wilkins.

The program also hopes to unite the more than 200 STEM students currently enrolled in Littleton High School by creating a common space for them to work.

“It’s neat to see how different kids from different grades have come together in this space…it’s been sort a safe place for underclassmen who have an off period or a lunch and are just trying to figure out, where do I go?” said Bartlett-Mogg.

Though currently designed for STEM students’ use only, anyone who has a sincere interest in using the lab can contact Mrs. Bartlett-Mogg in the library for information about being able to use it.

The Lab is open from Monday to Thursday (while Bartlett-Mogg is in her office) as long as students treat materials correctly, are appropriate in what they create, and clean up after themselves. Student donations are welcome!