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The disappointment behind the senior shirts

As a senior, I’ve learned to accept disappointment. Whether that’s not getting 100% on every test or homework assignment, not getting a leadership position, or not getting a solo in an activity. I’ve had it all. It’s something I’ve come to live with and accept. But there’s one thing I’m not willing to live with, and I don’t want to accept defeat on.

The senior shirts don’t say “Class of 2019” on the back of them.

Leading up to my senior year of high school, I’ve looked forward to a variety of different traditions. Senior overalls, taking senior photos, doing the chant at pep assemblies, finally being at the top of the totem pole, and getting my yellow shirt with “Class of 2019” printed across the back. One of those traditions has been taken from me, and it’s not fair.

Class shirts are one of the special things about Littleton, especially the senior shirt because of the lettering on the back. Don’t get me wrong, I can see where the administrators are coming from. It’s probably much easier to just order a bunch of yellow shirts, and hand them out until they’re gone, which is something you can’t do with Class of 2019 on the back. However, being a senior is a huge accomplishment, and I think that needs to be honored. One way to honor it? Putting your class year on the back.

Things have been changing all around for this year’s senior class. We no longer get to graduate on our home field, teachers are changing, artwork is changing, even our start times are changing, which is fine. Those are all necessary changes that need to be made for budget, safety or other reasons.

Yes, the shirts could have been a budget cut, but was it really a necessary one? I’ve ordered shirts from custom ink before, and that extra wording on the back would cost a dollar or so extra. And when you’re ordering in as much of a bulk as the class of 2019, you get a pretty hefty discount. So, riddle me this, why would they sacrifice that?

It’s a staple of LHS, and there was no point in getting rid of it. Sure, maybe it saved a little money, but more than that, it upset a group of seniors who just wanted the recognition of making it to the top, and now we don’t even have that. To next year’s senior class of 2020, I hope that they change their minds and you get what we didn’t.