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Lion’s Football homecoming game loss against Trojans

The Littleton High School stadium began to fill more and more with face painted students and opposing fans to cheer on the LHS football team’s homecoming game on Friday September 21, 2018. Alumni from past classss showed up to support their team as they took on Thornton.

During the first quarter, a pass to number 85 Roy Marmolejo led the team near the 40 yard line and a timeout called shortly after. After various attempts to move down the field, a kick was made by Littleton but it was quickly blocked by Thornton, stopping them at the 25 yard line.

The attempt gave Thornton the opportunity to score, and they did so during the 11th minute with their first touchdown. LHS began coming back after Littleton’s captain, number 21 Jack Kail took a handoff and gave LHS their first down.

Soon afterward, possession switched in favor of Thornton, but number 60 Will Schuster sacked Thornton’s quarterback and prevented the pass. The plays continued and eventually, the ball was handed over to the Trojans with a punt. The punt was caught but with two flags called, the touchdown for them was invalidated.













The beginning of the second half began immediately with a surprising almost full field run from Kail after a punt was made, yet there were flags issued all throughout it. Littleton was again unable to score and possession returned to Thornton who advanced quickly. A defensive rush foul was called on LHS on the 7 yard line and proceeding, Thornton managed to score another touchdown.

With the scoreboard against them, LHS took over with 16 seconds left and the first down was completed by Kail once more. The play continued and with not much time left on the scoreboard, pressures rose as Littleton grew closer and closer to the end zone.

Leading the team, Kail sprinted and caught the ball, running into the end zone and scoring the first touchdown of the game for the Littleton Lions.

“It felt good (to score), I mean we were still down by 14, so I mean once I got in, I just fought on until the next play, still got work to do” said Kail.

Though the Lion’s scored at the end, the final result was 26-6, LHS football team losing against Thornton.

Further commentary about the game with Kail provided further insight of what went wrong for the team last night.

“I thought we played a good first half, we held only one score, that’s all you really can do. Offense, we kinda stalled in the second half, and you know a lot of penalties over the course, especially on a big return play, we had a lot of momentum and you know, just couldn’t get anything going”, said Kail.

Assistant football coach Chad Koepke also had similar thoughts toward the outcome of the game.

“I think it comes down to making sure you know where you’re going, and going through that process of what you have to do next. If its a step in the right direction, using the right technique, and regardless of the sport when you execute your techniques and you know what you’re doing, you have more success,” said Koepke.

When asked about the outcome of the game and his overall thoughts about his player’s performance, “I thought the kids played hard, they did a really good job of cooperation this week, and overall we played really hard, we didn’t execute that well, but the effort is there and we struggled in a few spots,” said Koepke.

As the game began, the LHS Poms team cheered them on from the sidelines.

“The crowd was really hyped and upbeat, and the vibe was just great tonight,” said junior Kristy Nhi Trinh.

In the cold, the Poms team remained out there, encouraging and motivating the crowd to be louder and louder with every chant they made.

Though the result in this homecoming game did not favor LHS, Kail sustains his hope for the incoming seniors to lead the victory for next year’s homecoming game.

“You got an opponent, you got to come out strong. We had a rough year, but next year, them seniors will get it,” said Kail.