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Great turnout at the 2018 homecoming dance

When people think of the fall, most people might think of the Broncos, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing colors or even Halloween or Thanksgiving. While all of those are true, there’s also homecoming, and with homecoming comes the dance.

Festivities throughout the week lead up to the football game and the dance the next day. Although the dance only lasts a few hours, weeks of preparation go into just the dance itself.

One of the Head Co-Sponsors of student council, Becky Shew said, “Mrs. Gobble and I got together in early August, so preparation has been about 6 or 7 weeks in the works.”

During preparation, student council and sponsors alike come together to make a fun but functional dance, but how can they keep track of all the events happening during the week? 

Students hang out in the cafeteria during the homecoming dance

“We have different councils for making and selling tickets, deciding spirit days, plan and run pep assemblies, powderpuff football, boys volleyball, and the tailgate before the football game. I run the spirit committee which has about 7 people on it, but other councils have more people on them. As student body president, I oversee all committees for homecoming but all executive officers oversee one committee. I have control over all of homecoming, mostly,” said Student Body President Emma Slenkovich.

Although there are seven weeks to prepare for one week, the hard work definitely pays off. When homecoming week starts and everyone is getting excited for the end of the week when the dance happens, everyone can just let loose and have fun.

“I’m most excited to see kids in their element and having fun, being with their friends and just enjoying the social event,” said Shew.

On Saturday, September 22, all this preparation finally paid off. The dance took place in the South gym, where 300-400 students came to have fun with their friends.

This year’s dance offered a great DJ and a great turnout. There were also refreshments in the cafeteria so that students could get a snack or a cup of water in between songs.

“I think this year’s dance is awesome. I think it’s got a much bigger turnout than other years, which is great,” said senior Ben Greenley.

Junior homecoming royalty Ellery Trip and Aidan Whitney

The DJ played a lot of pop music, such as Cardi B, Post Malone and Drake, but also played some older songs and artists like Usher and Miley Cyrus.

“It’s pretty good music, it’s not music that I really listen to on my free time but it’s definitely good music to dance to,” said freshman Aidan Papi.

This year, girls mostly wore short dresses that were high in the front and low in the back and were dark colors like maroon, navy and black. Boys came in primarily colorful shirts or button-down shirts with ties and khaki pants.

The theme for this year’s homecoming was Mardi Gras, so the colors and decorations of the dance were mostly green, purple and gold. In the gym, there were strings of lights going up to the ceiling and shiny streamers on the doors when you walk in. In the athletic hall, there were green, purple and gold flags hanging from the ceiling and there were tables of beads and masks for people to put on.

“The atmosphere of the dance is definitely really fun, everyone is just having a really good time,” said sophomore Erica Lapp.