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Volleyball Pink Night to supports breast cancer awareness

The Littleton High School Girls Volleyball team is one of the closest and most tight-knit groups in Littleton High School Athletics. This Thursday, September 27, LHS girls volleyball had a game against Golden High School at about 7:30 pm to support breast cancer awareness.

The team all sported their pink uniforms on the court. These may not be the only uniforms the team will be sporting throughout the season. The LHS volleyball girls are one of the few teams that go absolutely all out with what they wear the day of, or the day before a game. Whether it be animal onesies or 80’s workout gear, the entire team will be decked out in some sort of spirit day get-up to show their love for the team.

“We’re so close as a team and I think we get closer and closer every single day,” said Sophomore Brianna McDowell.

It would seem that there’s no team quite like the girls’ volleyball team which helps fundraise for good causes and becomes a close family with every game.

“I thought we were really pumped up and excited for each other, and we were encouraging each other… even after we made a mistake we kind of just helped [each other] along the way to get to that next pass and next play, and we kind of just worked it out,” said senior Katy Hill.

The team lost to Golden High School, but in the end, they were all positive, all pumped, and stayed focused throughout the game and gave every girl on the other team a run for their money. On the LHS Volleyball team, players have spirit as friends and LHS Lions.