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Offline October creates change for Littleton community

Since the deaths of fellow students in the Littleton community, students came together to create a movement called Offline October. Last year alone they were able to reach 28 states, 8 countries, and 3 continents.

The movement was founded by Heritage students Chloe Schilling and Cason Kurowski after the deaths of two students at the beginning of last year. The two felt heavily impacted by this tragedy and decided to do something to create change. 

The idea behind this concept is to be completely offline for the month of October. This means no Instagram, no Facebook, no Twitter, and the biggest of them all, no Snapchat. By staying off social media they hope to not only bring awareness to the community about teen suicide but also become more aware of the world around them.

By looking up and experiencing the things going on around you, you can become more conscious of the decisions you make every day. It allows for you to have conversations face-to-face and truly live in the moment.

[It’s] important because social media has become a dictating force in people’s lives. We hope that from this challenge people will maintain and manage stronger friendships, develop face to face communication skills, and become happier in their overall well-being” says Offline October Marketing Director and Heritage alumni, Joe Roberts.

The hope with this movement includes a few things. First is that people stop wasting their time on social media, and with the extra time that you don’t spend on your phone, you can spend it on more meaningful things such as spending time with your family. Second is to stop comparing yourself to others and become truly happy with how you live.

“Don’t Post a Perfect Life, Live a Perfect Life,” is a strong message the founders of Offline October hope will reach others.

When people pledge, they have the option of participating in events so that they have things to do. It is a good way to keep busy and avoid social media all together.  

We host free events throughout the month including concerts, tournaments, and haunted houses all with food donated by companies such as Chick-Fil-A and IHOP,” said Roberts.

When people pledge to stay offline, they commit to living purposefully for a month without the restrictions of social media.

Sign up to pledge for Offline October here: