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American Vandal season two steals the show

In September of last year, Netflix released a new original TV show titled, “American Vandal”. The show was a “mockumentary”, following the life of Dylan Maxwell, who had been expelled from school for drawing obscene images on the cars of 27 teachers.

The series follows two high school juniors who were making an online documentary about the case because they felt as though Maxwell had been wronged.

While the series was entirely fake, Netflix took all the measures to make it feel real, only adding to how absolutely hilarious the series was.

A year later, Netflix released season two. This season was not about Dylan Maxwell and the crime he may have committed. It was about the Turd Burglar. In all honesty, just the name of the second season villain almost turned me away, but I’ve never been so glad to follow through and watch a show.

Much like season one, the humor was subtle yet almost deadpan, which is what made it so funny. The characters are quirky, but all ones that can be related to. If you aren’t like the characters, you definitely know someone who is.

The humor is mostly poop based, which adds the hint of middle school humor that no high school student is willing to admit they laugh at.

The season always leaves you guessing. Without giving too much away, my guess of whom the Turd Burglar was changed nearly every episode, and I was still left completely flabbergasted during the last episode.

This show is so much more than some silly, fake documentary. Despite the childish humor and vulgar comments, the episodes leave you with thought-provoking ideas and questions that are relevant to life as a high school student.

I’d recommend the series, especially the second season. If you’re looking for a good laugh, give it a watch. You won’t regret it.