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Author Hank Green visits LHS theater on tour

On Tuesday October 2, the LHS theater hosted a stop on Hank Green’s book tour for his first novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Hank Green (brother of author John Green) was already a well-known online creator prior to the release, with contributions spanning the prolific youtube channel Vlogbrothers, other channels such as Scishow & Crash Course, events such as Vidcon and the Project For Awesome, as well as numerous other projects. The room itself was filled with a mix of followers ranging from those who have watched his content since 2007 to many young viewers who had recently discovered him along the way.

Hank Green and Mikaley Oskely play high-stakes trivia

“I started watching [his online content] in 2013…growing up you had this vision of what an adult is supposed to be like… for me vlogbrothers was one of the first examples I saw of a non-traditional adult, you can be in your thirties and be weird… and that’s okay… and still be successful. Its take the pressure off having to fit a normal version of an adult, especially for me since i’m not following a very traditional career path,” said graduate student Monica Graham.

The event included a book reading, a live performance of some of Green’s orginal songs, a Q&A session with Mikaley Oskely, the “booktuber” and Tattered Cover events & marketing manager.  While the night was a fun-filled event, Green took the opportunity to delve into themes central to his novel such as the internet, how we interact with it, and whether or not it is a “good thing”.