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Boys soccer undefeated in League

Tonight, the Littleton Lions boys soccer team played against the Wheat Ridge Farmers in the third league game of the season. They were able to win 1-0, making their record for league 3-0 and 7-5 for the overall season.

The first half started off a little bit rocky. The Lions were able to carry the ball up the field multiple times. The Wheat Ridge defense kept up and did not let the Lions score. Time after time, the Lions beat offensive players but the defense was consistently there to kick the ball back to their team.

“I feel that we were a bit slow and had difficulty finishing  plays,” said Captain Omar Serrano.

The Lions defense kept up as well. Whenever the forwards would get close to scoring, players Grant Foster, Bryan Sirner, Rodrigo Marin, and Nick Zirkle worked together to keep the ball out of the goal. This brought up the intensity for both teams and it became difficult to keep the aggressiveness down.

Captain Ruben Cervantes took the ball up the field and crossed the ball multiple times, juking out and outsmarting the defense. While some crosses were not always perfect, Zirkle was able to get the ball out of the back, and score a goal with just 1:30 remaining on the clock. With that, the half ended 1-0.

Players came ready to play second half. Both teams were able to make better passes and communicate more. Improved passes from the Lions resulted in more shots on goal.  Serrano shot 4 times at the goal, but hit the bar every time.

This gave the Lions more confidence in taking the ball up on their own. More than once, the Lions carried the ball and tried to score, but were unsuccessful in finishing the shot. With this, frustrations arose and fouls were made.

Marin got the first yellow card of the game from fouling a player a little too aggressively. The yellow cards did not stop there.

After that, yellow cards were given to Serrano for a foul, Sebastien Garnica and an opposing player for getting into an argument, and Brandon Tellez for fouling as well.  

“The referee did a good job at giving yellows out, this resulted in the game being more under control,” said Serrano.

While some players felt calm about the amount of yellows given out, the crowd felt like the game was taking a turn.

“It felt like the ref was favoring the other team, we got four cards while [they] only got one. It felt a little unfair, but it definitely made the game more interesting” said senior Valeria Guerra.

The Lions kept up the intensity through the last few minutes of the game, and did not let the Farmers score. The final score remained 1-0. The Lions are now preparing for their next league game.

“We are going to have our hardest test of the season next Monday when we play Golden,” said Serrano.