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Denver’s Corniest Attractions

Fall has hit LHS and the surrounding area, and the new cold weather had swept in a ton of fun fall activities with it. From haunted houses to fall festivals, opportunities to get out and enjoy the season abound! One of the most famous fall activities is the humble cornfield. Check out our picks for some of the top cornfields around Denver this fall season:

Fritzler Fall Festival:

  • A packed event including go-carts, a pumpkin cannon, paintball and pig races! The field itself is 15 acres and shows off the farm’s new nameplate. Admission is $14 per person. It’s sure to be a-maize-ing

Botanic Gardens Corn Maze and Botanic Gardens Pumpkin Festival:

  • While the Botanical Garden’s corn maze is available to visit on most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (admission $14 for adults), on October 12-14 the Gardens are also hosting a pumpkin festival which includes entry to the pumpkin patch, an Antique tractor exhibit by Front Range Antique Power Association, obstacle courses, and other fun activities. Admission is $8 for adults and does not include the corn maze. This one is sure to be the cream of the crop!

Maize in the City:

  • Despite the corny name, Maize n the City is a fun-filled festival which boasts a corn launcher, corn kernel box (great for swimming) and of course a corn maze! While many of the activities are free, it costs $10 for entrance to the corn maze.

Terror In The Corn:

  • By daylight a wholesome corn maze and fair, by night a haunted hayride and house experience you won’t soon forget. Prices for the festival are $18, and $27 for terror in the corn or zombie paintball experiences (fall festival admission is included for both of these events). Just be careful of all the monsters that stalk the corn!