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Doing art with Gaia Williams

Littleton High School is a diverse community with people who choose to spend their time doing different things. LHS is home to many artists, like junior Gaia Williams.

“I like watercolor painting, that’s what I do mostly, but I like graphite drawing,” said Williams.

She is currently taking art history and studio art and is working on a choice project for studio art. “It’s kind of about expectation vs reality,” said Williams.

She enjoys drawing portraits instead of landscapes and has a very stylized art style. “I really like messing with expressions and proportions on people’s faces . . . My art is really stylized, it can be more realistic if I want it to be, but I keep it simplified,” said Williams.

Her drawings aren’t usually of real people, but she sometimes uses them as inspiration. “I create characters in my head that I draw, a lot. I like to experiment with different eye color, skin color, just things like that,” said Williams.

She gets her inspiration from early Italian Renaissance art and Catholic gothic art. Her favorite piece of art is the Pietà by Michelangelo.

She’s excited to continue with her art and has enjoyed art classes at Littleton High school.