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Boys Soccer Advances to Play-offs

Tonight, the Littleton Lions were facing one of their toughest rivals in their journey towards qualifying for Play-offs. With an aggressive beginning, the Lions scored an early goal which ultimately gave them the win of 1-0 against Green Mountain. The Littleton Lions now stand as second in the League, and will face their greatest rivals yet.

Towards the beginning of the game, the crowd hoped that being senior night, the team would fire at the goal relentlessly. The team knew what was on the line and played aggressively once the first half begun. It was only five minutes in when a rebound shot taken by Littleton landed right at Rodrigo Marin’s feet.

Littleton coach talks with the ref after Sebastian Garnica is given a yellow card

Marin shot the ball above Green Mountain goalie’s reach and it drove into the net. From then on, the team’s energy and work ethic never dropped. Littleton consistently possessed the ball and when it was lost, every player fought and recovered possession quickly.

The first half was quickly dominated by the Lions, but the opponent stayed strong, affecting Littleton’s execution. Though it was an intense game, there was physical aggression present in great amounts.

Littleton fights for the ball

Sebastian Garnica was given a yellow card after a shove and what appeared to be a punch from the opposing player. One of the most valuable players for Littleton would now be benched in order to avoid risking any further cards.

The second half was full of rising tensions, as Littleton knew they just needed to maintain the score in their favor.

“For a keeper it’s always a lot of pressure just to make sure that there’s no goals being scored on the team but this game was very pressuring. I just had to make sure I had a clean sheet throughout that whole game once we scored that first goal,” said senior goalie Luis Ramos.

Defenders like Grant Foster and Nick Zirkle were consistently supporting the team in the back and offensive players like Omar Serrano and Edy Jimenez worked together to create dangerous plays towards goal.

Defender Nick Zirkle winds up for a penalty kick

“They were a very good team and we just played hard until the end, I’m proud of the team,” said Ramos.

Though the game was tough and Green Mountain had many opportunities on goal, Littleton was able to secure their victory, place second in the league and advance to the play-offs.

“I think we just need to bring our composure to our game. I think we’re a great team and as long as we play calm like we did today and make it a win game, an important game from here on out I think we can win,” said senior defender Rodrigo Marin who scored the game winning goal.

Now, Littleton awaits their next game after celebrating this victory on Senior Night. The boys’ next game will be announced as soon as all the play-off qualifiers are determined. Tonight, there was a light of hope that shone for the Lion’s that their new challenges in play-offs will take them far into it.