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Fall Production “Rumors” Review

As another Autumn falls upon Littleton High School’s Performing Arts, this years play is the acclaimed play “Rumors” by Neil Simon  and is a hilarious production about the disastrous dinner party between 4 wealthy couples in New York.

This classic comedy tells the story of all the rumors that fly around at a friend’s anniversary party and leaves the audience wondering about what really happened. Opening with Chris and Ken Gorman played by Hannah Pederson and Alex Montoya respectively, the show is farcical telling and retelling of how the host attempted suicide.

This production was the first directed by new theatre teacher Talia Liccardello, writing in the playbill of the show that, “…this show is close to my heart”. After seeing multiple productions at Littleton High School, I not only agree that she is a passionate thespian but an incredible director.

With perfect timing of the lines and historical background scenes, Liccardello put together a spectacle for everyone in the Littleton High School community to remember for a long time.

While no high school production is every perfect, “Rumors” did have its fair share of flaws. When I watched the show on opening night, Thursday evening, there were tech mistakes, line mess-ups, and prop malfunctions. But, the cast and crew kept the show going.

Set design is arguably the most important piece of a successful production. The backdrop consisted of a replication of a wealthy home in the 80’s, and designer Sophia Jacobs and her crew were strongly able to create a jaw-dropping scenic design.

The cast of 10 phenomenal actors really made this show into what it is. Each actor had undeniably worked very hard and very long to create a show with this much success. I am truly blown away at the dedication and enthusiasm all the cast had. Whether it was Grace Crabb falling over in most of her scenes, or Brody Jessen getting water thrown at his face, the casting was spectacular.

At the end of watching the show, I know I was taken aback about this production, and I’m sure many other people were as well. The crew and cast have taken a classic story and created an outstanding show.