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LPS District hosts Sources of Strength community event

Monday, October 29 parents, faculty, students and members of the Littleton community gathered to value the importance of mental health and learn how to better support young people.  The “We Are Stronger” Community Event was hosted by Littleton Public Schools at the South Fellowship Church off of Broadway.

The event promoted the Sources of Strength program which has been implemented at many LPS schools to encourage peer involvement in suicide prevention. Sources of Strength Deputy Director Scott LoMurray spoke about the program and its mission. LoMurray discussed how the program is unique in its approach to suicide prevention in that it focuses on resilience and prevention rather than reaction to crisis.

Students from LPS schools shared their stories with the crowd, pointing to meditation, adult mentors, extracurricular and community involvement as well as peer encouragement as strategies that have helped them find strength.

Students from Heritage High School discussed the student initiative Offline October that has helped teens become more connected. Araphahoe High School students spoke on their counselor day and trusted adult wall that have both helped students find mentors within the school. Littleton High School students presented on the successful pancake breakfast hosted by Sources of Strength which gave students a pancake after they told a server something nice they would do that day.

The evening ended with student participants urging the audience to continue to participate in Sources of Strength community events and training sessions to directly improve the mental health of the community and the young people in it.