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25 Years of the Sanderson Sisters

Twenty five years ago the movie Hocus Pocus was released on October 20th. When the movie was first released it was not a huge success, however Hocus Pocus has now become a standard among Halloween movies.

Hocus Pocus is a thrilling tale of the three Sanderson sisters of Salem, back from the dead after being hung for witchcraft. The sisters set out on a mission to obtain eternal youth, but at what cost?

This movie is simultaneously a thriller and a comedy. Because the movie was intended for families, it was not a huge hit when it made its first début in 1993. Many of the critics hated it, saying that it had no future. They were in for a big surprise when the 2000’s rolled around.

The movie returned to the spotlight for a second chance to shine when many people were hit hard with a strong case of 90’s nostalgia, a very good thing for Hocus Pocus. As millenials began to turn this movie into an annual must-see Halloween classic, many family TV stations followed suit and began to air it as a Halloween special.

As you flip through the loads of Halloween programs tonight, remember to visit the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus and wish them a happy 25th anniversary.