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New Halloween movie has room to improve

The Halloween thriller/slasher was recently released and it was the movie many were excited to watch, desiring to embrace the scary spirit that October brings. There were high expectations as viewers were incredibly intrigued with the idea that Laurie Strode would come back again.

After watching it, there were many instances where the viewer felt unsatisfied. For anyone who has not watched it, the end may not be of best taste to those who desired a thirst quenching end. The film seemed a bit scattered and unrealistic, with Myers seeming as a ghost and showing up quickly in places rapidly when in the same scene, he was in another room.

Though the visual quality was good, as I continued watching the film, I was disappointed at how predictable the scary moments were. Released in the genre of mystery, there was truly nothing mysterious about it. The jump scares could easily be seen coming, therefore lessening the effect of some gory scenes. As the jump scares became expected, the overall killing scenes lacked a gruesome feeling, as Michael Myer’s cold murders were highly anticipated.

Since the movie seemed scattered and predictable, the movie appeared rushed in production time to release before the day of Halloween this year. Though this is where the movie lacked, there are aspects in which the movie was very interesting. Primarily, it was impressive that the final product was produced by college students, since the image quality was stupendous and professional. The producers also made sure to include scenes in which characters remember one another and this pleases a viewer who had seen the first movie of Michael Myers. Not only that, but there is a plot twist two-thirds into the movie that spices up the plot, but the film can only be watched to find out. The movie could have been more polished and organized if the producers had not felt the need to release it too soon and spend more time on the creation of it.