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The difficulties of political differences in a household

My dad and I don’t always get along and one of the most common reason for our disagreements is political differences. He is a very right leaning republican and, while I agree mostly with the ideals of the green party, I would vote democratic. This tends to lead to either heated arguments or trying to avoid the entire topic altogether.  

    This is an especially hard time because of the election happening on Tuesday, November 6th and there are very important issues that can cause a lot of heat in my household. Some of the standouts of this election entails Amendment 73, Proposition 111, and  Amendment 5.

    Amendment 73 is a proposal to provide more money to fund schools. In order to do this though, families with incomes over $150,000 annually would be taxed more. My dad makes much more than that yearly, and he argues that it is unfair to people who make a higher income. Saying that everyone should be taxed and not just “the elite”. I would disagree with that statement, saying that spending more money on public education would increase job opportunities for teachers in Colorado and improve learning environments for children. Meaning that education through high school would increase in the next few years.


    Payday loans are small, easy-to-access short-term loans that do not require a credit check, which you can get access too if you need money before the fiscal year ends, but there will be a heavy tax on this.This means that if you need to receive $500 in payday loans, instead of paying the regular $500, you would end up paying $790. A vote yes for Proposition 111 supports the initiative to reduce the annual interest rate on payday loans to a yearly rate of 36 percent and eliminate all other finance charges and fees associated with payday lending. My dad is a strong supporter of this. He thinks that this is taking advantage of the lower class, the people who can’t live off of their income for the entire month. I, however, think this is a bad idea for one simple reason: it will put people out of jobs. The men and women who are working at payday loan centers wouldn’t make enough money to have a way of comfortable living.


    Lowering the minimum age you can run for state senate or legislature is also on this years ballot. Amendment 5 states that the new age you should be able to run is 21, not 25 as it is now. I don’t think this would be a good idea because most students are in their senior year of college when they turn 21 and in a very real way haven’t experienced “the real world”. My dad thinks that is a good way for young people to get their voice heard and have new fresh ideals in our new government. Although this is true, some of the new ideas might be too unrealistic or “too Millennial”  to be achievable.

    Family loves each other, but when you have a household with people who have strong beliefs swaying different ways it gets more and more challenging to have regular, calm conversations. This year’s election have sparked and will bring up more heated arguments once we find out the results this November.