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Football plays final game of the season

Last night, the Lions football team played their final game of the season against the Lewis- Palmer Rangers. This would be the final game for all seniors. Not just the senior players, but the managers, band members, and poms members. The final game was just as rough as their season has been, and the last game ended with a final score of 7-50.

Walking into the game, the Lions knew it would be a tough battle. Lewis-Palmer walked onto the field with an overall record of 5-4, and the Lions had a record of 0-9.

As the game began, the Lions had Littleton alumni on their side. Cheering them on excited to watch the game, dressed up in Halloween costumes ready to bring some school spirit.

The first quarter the Lions came out ready to play. They were able to force a fumble on the first play of the game. Soon after that the Rangers became more aggressive and were able run the ball down the field a couple of times. While the Lions defense tried to stop any of their attempts at scoring, the Rangers snuck through and scored more points for their team. The ending score for the quarter was 0-22.

Starting the second quarter, the Lions were able to move the ball up the field more. Although they struggled score, they were able to reach the end zone. Many penalties and dropped passes gave the opponents the advantage. They were able to score 21 more points for their team by the end of the quarter.

During halftime, Poms did dance that energized the crowd. Band and colorguard also performed and left the crowd in awe with their talents and evident hard work that was put into the performance. With this, everyone was ready to cheer on the Lions. The captains of the team came out and gave words of encouragement to their team.

“Having the chance to impact my team has been amazing,” said senior Josiah Trawick.

The third quarter, the Lions defense stepped up their game, as did the offense. They were able to get the ball back and got a big return to the 50. The only thing that stopped them from scoring was the multiple fouls made. By the end of this, the Rangers did not get the chance to score as much as before, and only made one touchdown and made a 1 point safety. Making the score now 50-7.

The final quarter was the most exciting of all. Not only was the Lions defense able to put a stop to them scoring. This boost in confidence gave them the advantage, and they were able to have the ball more. As the game came to and end, with only a few plays left senior Jack Kail was able to run the ball 70 yards down the field. With only 30 seconds left, Littleton made an 11 yard pass and scored the first touchdown of the game. They also got the point after the touchdown. The game ended with a score of 7-50.

Although the other team took the win, the Lions were able to have a positive outlook on the game.

“I’ve never felt more proud in my life, these boys worked so hard and they pushed themselves to the limit,” said manager Olivia Larsen.

The end of the game was quite emotional for everyone, coaches and players alike. To the everyone on the team, it was a great season.

“I’ve found that it’s less about scores and more about life, I’ll miss the people the most. They are the best group,” said Trawick.

Final team huddle of the season.