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Bond 4A brief

Vote yes on 4A signs plague Littleton neighborhoods. These signs preach for bond 4a, an issue that has been in the making for years, finally after a 5-0 vote by the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education it is sent into the public voting.

The LPS website says that the bond provides 298 million dollars to Littleton Public Schools including Littleton High School. The money is going towards replacing the dated facilities such as the pipes here which were finally checked last year, and places like the gym at Goddard in disrepair.

“I’m for anything that causes my kid to do more homework,” said teacher union representative Jay Lukes.

The money will help Littleton Public Schools upgrade and repair the schools that students go to providing a better learning and student environment. The biggest change would be a new stadium to be built at Goddard middle school to decrease the overuse of Littleton High Schools public stadium.

The money will come from an increase in property tax which will vary from 29 to 45 dollars per 100,000 dollar property. This tax will be decided once 4a is voted on, it is the largest amount of money that LPS has ever asked for.

The money will help Littleton Public schools as a whole generating money from the community.