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Donald Trump two years in

America is ending its second year into the term with Trump as our 45th president, and boy has it been a ride. The U.S. has not blown up and World War III has not begun. But what has been happening for two years? What has Trump done in for half of his presidency?

Donald Trump has done a few positive things for America, such as making peace with North Korea. He stopped them from making nuclear bombs which eased the conscious of some Americans.  He has also kept some of his election promises; for example, there is a wall between the states and Mexico. It is clear he is making American more closed off from the world, which can be seen by his wall and travel bans. Trump really hasn’t done anything too bad for America.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our president, it’s that he likes to post on Twitter. He typically posts over 10 times daily. This is his greatest downfall. Anything Trump posts on Twitter gets immediate hate, and it will be all over the news. Giving his tweets a bad vibe online makes him seem like a bad person, and in turn, makes him a bad president. I think people don’t take the time to look at what Trump has done and have been too involved with his twitter life.  

Within the beginning his first year Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. This caused lots of mixed reactions between society. One thing Trump said was that he would help the coal miners and this is supposedly supposed to help them. However, there has not been much proof to show that that is true.

“Trump is a danger to the democracy,” said junior Lucy Chase.

Because of Trump most of the government has turned Republican with him nominating more and more Republicans for these positions. Because of this more and more Republican beliefs are becoming the main point of politics.

Trump has tried repeatedly to repeal Obamacare, which is a healthcare system helping many. This, however, has failed but he instead has done whatever he can to make it fail. He is not doing anything to try and help the countries healthcare system.

Trump has signed a GOP-led tax reform bill. This has basically given the rich more and more money and the middle class and lower class less. He is practically making America his dream world while causing distress to anyone in the middle class or lower. It does, however, help business big and small, but it doesn’t overall help the greater good like it should.

One of the good things he did do, however, was get more control over ISIS. ISIS has been almost defeated completely with the Trump administration is in office, but his claims and how he acts about it almost ruins the excitement over that. He claims that he was the only reason any progress has been made with ISIS and that without him nothing would have been done. Even if he is the reason for it, there is no proof that without him nothing would have been done.

In turn, Trump may have done a lot in the small time he has been president, but it has not all been good whatsoever. Most of what he has done is not to help the greater good, but to help himself and people in his class. If he does do something that may help the greater good and America and the world as a whole, he ruins it by bragging about it on twitter and bashing other politicians/presidents by saying they would have never done the same. Trump may be powerful but he is not all good.

“If I were to pick a president, it would not be Trump,” said junior Zada Edgerly.