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Marching band competes in the quarterfinals

The Marching Band show of 2018, Off Our Axis, has been under the works for months. It has been performed at football games, and this year has made it to quarterfinals, or the state championship where the top 20 bands in the state perform.

Last Friday morning, November 2, the marching band got to school at 7 am for a rehearsal down on the field. After the rehearsal, they rode buses out to the Air Force Academy to perform. The top 12 bands advance to the semifinals, and the Littleton marching band got 14th place.

“Friday was absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We ended our season with the best performance I could have asked for, and it’s so much fun walking off the field knowing we’re proud of what we’ve done regardless of the results. The crowd was absolutely huge, and the feeling of turning around to salute on the drum major platform and hearing them cheering for us is still so surreal to me,” said junior Holly Rossman, one of the drum majors.

Rossman is very proud of how the band performed and is so happy of everything the band has achieved.

“I think not making it into semifinals was a blessing in disguise. The weather in Colorado Springs on Saturday, when the next rounds are held, was absolutely horrible. Finals ended up getting canceled due to the ugly weather anyways! It’s one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ situations. I would so much rather end our season on at outstanding quarterfinals performance than on a cold, snowy, miserable semifinals performance. We have a lot to be proud of!” said Rossman.

Overall, the marching band competition was a success and something the Littleton community should be proud of.