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District Orchestra Concert

Three LPS bands joined together this Tuesday, November 13th, to play 6 pieces by various artists. The songs included The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Marjab, Aboriginal Rituals, Hungarian Dance No. 5, Mad Russian’s Christmas, and Lions City. Audience members, violin, viola, cello, bass, and winds/brass players can all agree it went great.

“I think it went really well! Our performances just kept getting better and this one was really our best,” said freshman Ilena Smith.

This chance only happens once every three years and only once every nine years at Littleton High School. Students from Arapaho, Heritage, and Littleton came together to create one huge full orchestra to perform together. Mr. Emmons, the band conductor, has been doing this since 1995 and loves teaching all the different students.

“It’s different because they have different training, different things that they do technique wise. So it’s a matter of assimilating what they have been taught vs what I teach and how to put it all together,” said Emmons.

During the day there were two performances for all the third graders in the district and one for the parents later. Although everyone loved playing for their parents, playing for the little kids was all of the players favorite.

“The little kids were so cute! One of them said ‘Do you think they are good enough to do the music for movies and stuff?’” said sophomore cello player Caius Krohnfeldt.

The applause and ‘oohs and ahhs’ that the students received when performing the two times for the kids was something that everyone could enjoy.

“I just love having the students perform for the third graders. It’s pretty magical, to see all of the little kids respond. We do a question and answer afterward and they are fascinated with instruments. They want to know everything about them and how you get to play one and how long you practice to get that good and why do they all play together. It’s just a lot of fun!” said Krohnfeldt.

There was lots of talent out on the stage but one person really stuck out. Junior Elissa Volling soloed during the bluegrass piece The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

“It went really well, I didn’t mess up at all. That’s pretty great! It was definitely my favorite piece of the performance,” said Volling

All of the kids loved working with other students and they could all agree on working with the different schools was a very cool experience.

“It was a cool experience. Especially since I know some of the people. But meeting new people and playing with a group this big was super awesome,”  said Smith.

For two special pieces, a small amount of LHS band students were enlisted to support the orchestra. The songs that band played on were The Devil went down to Georgia and Aboriginal Rituals. Band kids and orchestra students can agree that when both were playing together, they filled out the theater.

“Playing with everyone was really fun to do. Adding to the sound of the orchestra kids, from all the different schools was something really special to me,” said Junior Emma Lucas.