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Lion Pride Preview Night

Lions pride preview night is a night that 8th graders from all over the district and out of district take a tour of the school and are able to meet with and get more information about Littleton High Schools great clubs, sports and are able to learn more about academics.

Lions pride preview night also lets the staff and students shine in what they do. 

“It shows the best Littleton has to offer and we think it’s important for the 8th graders to have as much information about our school when they are making their decisions on where they will go to high school,” said Mrs. Benton. It is also a very important night for sports. 

“It’s very important so that incoming students can have all the information and dates they need for their selected sports,” said senior Omar Serrano.

Lions pride preview was a very big success for all of the clubs, sports and academics with a great turnout.