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Political ads suck

Honestly who likes political ads? Nobody likes being interrupted by amendment 17 ads or Jason Crow ads.  Everybody just wants to watch their YouTube video and get on with life.

The thing is, no one cares about these ads. They don’t really prove a point because they’re only stating what they want you to hear. For example, when ads tell us that Jared Polis sucks because he is not going to help our environment because he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on efforts towards it. He probably has cheaper ways of helping the environment.

The only reason they tell us these things is to promote the opposite party. If you have one of these ads pop up listen to them and then think about them, are they really changing your mind? These ads can be super repetitive and very frustrating especially when you’re watching the video that is helping you procrastinate from doing your homework.

Honestly, the only people that these ads are kinda getting to are adults that are watching a video on Facebook.  Even then these ads are a waste of money. Now I know that these politicians spend money on these ads just to get some people’s attention, which I get, but there should be a better way to get people’s attention and draw them you in for the vote.