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FBLA Shred-a-thon

As most of Littleton High School is off on their first day of Thanksgiving break, some members of FBLA can still be spotted at the school. They are hosting their annual Shred-a-thon fundraiser in the front parking lot. They offer to shred your old electronics and whatever you need shredded. They only ask for a small donation towards the club in return.

FBLA has raised a couple thousand dollars from only a couple of hours of shredding. They will use their funds to award scholarships to help students with membership and make the club more friendly towards people interested in joining.

“We thought that no one was going to come because of how cold it is, but we’re making bank. So far we have raised easily a couple thousand and we plan to double that in the last hours of the fundraiser,” said senior Natalie Ware, the FBLA president.

As the weather grows colder the line of cars is anything but frozen. They weave through the front lot, waiting to drop off their things to shred. All of the FBLA helpers are working hard and are having a great time while doing it. They also had a great little helper named Mackenzie who just happens to be a K-9.  

“We do more for our community than people think, we are a competitive club, but we also want to make Littleton High School a more friendly place to be,” said Ware.

It sounds like FBLA is really a great club to be a part of and would be a great experience for anyone who is interested in it. For anyone wanting to know more details about FBLA Natalie Ware is the person to talk to.