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LHS Mini World Cup

Littleton High School hosted a soccer tournament this Thursday the fifteenth of November. The team Bolivia took first place, shortly followed by the teams Antarctica and Vatican. This same soccer tournament has been around for many years at LHS, and attracts students for a plethora of reasons.

 “It’s definitely fun… to play co-ed. There’s a lot of good sportsmanship out here and everybody enjoys it,“ said senior Lizzy Hernandez.

The tournament has provided a diverse atmosphere that isn’t seen in many sports throughout the school. It is still however a great staple of Littleton diversity.

Not all students play for the the love of soccer however. Many freshmen simply come out for their first time and just play to have fun. The environment of the tournament is pretty relaxed and fun for just about all the players.

“I got recruited last second. I had a lot of fun, this is actually my second time ever actually playing soccer. I also haven’t really ever played a sport against upperclassmen, so that was pretty fun,” said freshman Caden Genther

Most all the tournament was very good natured and something of a perfect representation of LHS spirit. As a diverse fun event, as many people as possible are encouraged to join next year.