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Boys basketball beats Kennedy High School

Saturday, December 1 Littleton High School boys basketball played against Kennedy High School. The Littleton Lions beat Kennedy 65- 55. The win was well-earned. Throughout the entire first half of the game, LHS was losing and only managed to come back once to tie the game in the third quarter. This tie was shortly ended, though, when Kennedy regained the lead in the last few minutes of the third quarter.

The majority of the game was much like a game of cat and mouse. Littleton would score a few points, and Kennedy would score some to stay just ahead. It wasn’t until the second half of the game that Littleton was able to tie the game again and take the lead. This time, Kennedy ended up chasing Littleton, until Littleton won the game.

“We weren’t ready for their aggressiveness…we just needed some confidence, a few shots to go down, a few fast breaks and we were right back in it,”  said senior Davion Simon.

This ability to come back and give the opposing team a good run for their money is an attribute that will make the Littleton Lions a fierce competitor throughout the season. The boys’ basketball team is looking seriously formidable this year, and will likely continue to give us many exciting games.

“I think people should come out and support us because that really helps. I think we’re going to be something special,” said sophomore Reid Fornstrom.