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Littleton Speech and Debate takes 2nd Place

This Saturday, Littleton High School’s speech and debate team competed at a tournament in Chatfield from 7 am until 9 pm. At this tournament, many of the team’s members broke to finals. The team then overall took second place because of the number of their finalists.

Usually, in a Speech and Debate tournaments, there are three rounds each. The rounds are about an hour-long. In between the rounds the team spends time practicing, napping, and messing around with their teammates. Even though they are relatively long days, most Speech and Debate members say that the time flies when they’re having fun.

At these tournaments, multiple schools come to compete against each other, but they also come to make friends. Some people become close with other people from different schools at these tournaments and the time in between rounds gives them time to catch up.

“It was fantastic! I got really close to making finals, and overall Littleton did really well, our team has been killing it this season,” said junior Jack Rayner.

This year the LHS speech and debate team has done incredibly well with tons of newcomers. The team has very high hopes for this season, but their main goal is to work hard and have fun.

“It’s a really supportive community, both within and outside of the team, and honestly I love it,” said junior Natalie Parkhurst.

Many people join speech and debate to improve their public speaking abilities but many people also join to make friends.