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The Littleton Lions have started their wrestling season

The Littleton Lions wrestling team started their season at home against the Wheat Ridge farmers in a well-fought battle.

The Littleton Lions ultimately came up short with a team loss of 30-31.

”Today was a fluke and we’re gonna start winning and have a great season,” said junior Eli Gonzales.

The team has grown over the years and new people mean new faces such as Katie Barron.

”Ever since middle school I always had wanted to join wrestling but this year I said ‘why not ‘ and I decided to join,” said junior Katie Barron.

Although the team didn’t win the following wrestlers came out to compete and won: Patrick Garcia, Joel DeHerrera, Dakota Palin, and Emerson Smith. The Littleton Lion wrestlers have their next match on Saturday, December 1st at Fairview High School.