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Girl’s Varsity Basketball Defeated by Resurrection Christian

December 5, the Littleton Girls Varsity team faced Resurrection Christian in the North gym and finished off with a tight score of 31-34. The Lions fought and picked up the intensity, but Christian had picked it up towards the end too.

At the beginning of the first quarter, the Lions were up 5-7. There seemed to be a sense of lack of organization from both teams, and both struggled to get comfortable.

Players like Ervin and Elder both continued to lead the team and scored, keeping the Lions winning. It didn’t take much longer for Resurrection to begin playing tight defense and playing quickly in the tight spaces within the Lions’ defense.

Afterwards, it became difficult for the Lions to come back, as continuous lay-up’s and 2 pointers were shot and made.

J’La had impressive attempts and shots made, scoring a 3 pointer and initiating plays with her close dribbling. Her confidence showed that the Lions were going to fight until the very end for this victory.

“The moment that stood out was during the third and fourth quarter when everyone started to pick up the intensity and get steals,” said junior Jasmyn Thompson-Harvey.

Throughout the third quarter, there was aggression that had not been present earlier in the game. The Lions began to double up on defense, creating multiple 2 v. 1 situations which forced possession of the ball. It was no easy task, but the entire team stepped up their game.

Player Hannah Peterson stole multiple balls and was fouled more than once, creating opportunities for LHS to catch up to the still leading score of Resurrection Christian. Though competitively aggressive throughout the duration of the game, she specifically created a difference in the atmosphere of the team.

The pressure was high as the game was coming to a close, with LHS playing their hardest to execute their plays in the short amount of time they had.

Though the Lions put hard work and persistence into this game, the result ended up favoring Resurrection Christian towards the end of the fourth quarter when a time out was called for LHS as well as a substitution made with 4 seconds left.

“If we run our plays right and if we go hard on defense and shoot more, we could be such a better team,” said Thompson-Harvey.

The season is just beginning, but the close score leaves the crowd wanting to see what our 2018 Girls Varsity Basketball team is capable of doing.