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Boys Varsity defeated by Silver Creek

Saturday afternoon, the boys’ basketball team faced Silver Creek in an exciting game. Sadly the Lions lost by 16 points, 63-79, but gained lots of knowledge that will help them to improve their game as the season continues.

Silver Creek and LHS were very closely matched. This reflected the play as both teams had big offensive chances and strong defense. During the first and the second quarters Silver Creek pulled ahead with a strong attack on the Lions and scored 35-28.

Littleton came out stronger in the third quarter with great shooting and aggressive plays made by senior Daivion Simon, but the game got tougher as time went on. Many of the shots made were by senior Matthew Friedberg.

The team also had great moments where they stole the ball and blocked shooting attempts from Silver. They played aggressively until the end, but Valor also played aggressively.

“Silver Creek shot super well, they had maybe twelve three-point shots, and their coach does a great job at training them, but we just started slowly,” said Brooks.

The Littleton varsity basketball team has a home non-conference game vs. rival school Heritage High School on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30 pm.