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Girls swimming warms up with decisive victory over Valor

Littleton had an eventful swim meet with new beginnings, injuries, and wins over the Valor Eagles Thursday, December 5th.

“I’m pretty sure they only brought their JV team,” said Sophomore Allison Groustra.

The small number of Valor swimmers stood, huddled, on one side of the pool while Littleton Swimmers jumped and cheered on their swimmers; Littleton swimmers took win after win at the beginning of the meet. Hailey Houtsama was a swimmer who took her first win ever at a swim meet.

“That’s probably the fastest I’ve ever swam before. I was so impressed with myself because last year I learned how to swim and do all the strokes,” said sophomore Hailey Houtsama.

Hailey took her first win in the JV 50 free against Valor High School.

“Against Valor it feels really awesome since we’ve just always lost against them,” said Houtsama.

The team also won in diving with Senior Alexandra Ortiz. She was the only diver to compete at the meet with a box score of 147.25. Other top swimmers included Sophia Groustra with a 6 minute 44 second 500 free as well as Ciara Viar with a 2 minute 29 second 200 free.

Unfortunately, Addie Vander Velde fell and hit her head preventing her from competing in the meet.

The girls’ swimming team eases into their season with a 241-79 win over Valor Christian.