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Student perspective: start times

The schedule change from last year to this year has been a large change for many people at Littleton. People have many different ideas about its effectiveness and worth.

I would argue to the ends of the earth that the change has been helpful and not as painful and terrible as we thought last year. We thought that sports would be ruined forever, however, the changes have been welcome. Starting practice right after school ends frees up hours that were used as chatting time or sitting on Youtube.

The biggest drawback for me has been the fact that when needing to be called out of class for an event, we miss more school than we used to because the out of school events still start at the same time. Overall though, it does save time.

The changes have made the school day feel longer overall. The change this year does not give us extra sleep because it just gives kids another excuse to stay up late. The change is a big one, but I think over time we can all get used to it. In my opinion, I think that the change was good and effective and saves time for lots of different things.