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Boys basketball takes tough lost against Heritage

This Tuesday night December 11, the Littleton High School Boys Basketball team played at home against the Heritage Eagles boys basketball team. The game began as an intense, edge of your seat, cheering and stomping, “you can’t do that” screaming game that basketball always give us. The power of the Littleton Lions was shown, and Heritage proved to be formidable. Unfortunately however, the Heritage eagles were able to gain the lead in the end of the first half, leaving Littleton down 35 to 32 at halftime.

“Good first half, bad second half… once we got down by ten or fifteen we just stopped playing. We stopped playing defense, stopped playing offence. We don’t have very good mental toughness… when get down we don’t really try anymore. I hope we can [change that], if we don’t then we’ll lose a lot of games,” said senior Matt Friedberg.

 The Lions had grit, but it’s tough to stay in it when score is tough, and physical burden is weighing on the players.

“In the second half they came out ready to play and we slowed up a little bit; and that ultimately led to the ending of the game. Pace was a big issue for us at the end, especially in transition. We had trouble getting into offensive plays, and a lot of times we just couldn’t get anything going and we just turned the ball over,” said senior Jack Kale.

Everyone on the team knows how they’re going to better next time however; the team knows how to bounce back.

“We always find a way to come back and just work together as a team and never put each other down,” said junior Tae Wiley.