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December Student Recognition

This past Thursday, December 6th, there was a recognition of Littleton High School’s exceptional scholars that have shown exemplary work in the IB traits that include inquirers, knowledgeable, open-minded, and balanced.

Any LHS staff member of the administration, counselor, teacher, para, coach or sponsor can nominate a student for an award. One of the students, Deanna Sokol, is part of the early high school program and got nominated for the inquirer category and was more than excited to be recognized.

“I think it helps students grow. Having recognition awards will make students want to work harder and continue achieving academic success,” Sokol said.

Assistant Principal and director of this recognition system, Mr. Enzminger, has created a shift in how and to whom these awards are given to, since last year when they weren’t associated with the IB program at Littleton High School.

“The main change this year is that each award given relates to one of the 10 IB Learner Profile traits. The idea is that we want to integrate IB into more aspects of the school, not only the junior and seniors who take diploma classes,” Enzminger said.

While it is not only important to acknowledge students who have been successful by a nomination, it is equally vital to spread the opportunity of IB classes at Littleton High School.