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Once Upon a Deadpool: It’s a Family Movie

When the first Deadpool movie came out, fans were demanding a Pg-13 version which they were told would never happen. By the time the second movie, Deadpool 2, came out, younger fans were starting to realize that they would have to wait until they were older to watch any movie in the franchise. This all changed when the first Pg-13 Deadpool movie was announced. This movie, titled Once Upon a Deadpool, is a Pg-13 version of Deadpool 2 which features much less gore, blood, and cursing.

This movie follows the exact same plot line as Deadpool 2. In it, Deadpool meets a troubled young mutant named Russell. Shortly after meeting him, Russell is targeted by a genetically enhanced soldier from the future, Cable. Deadpool decides that he needs to protect Russell from Cable, so, to do so, he teams up with other mutants such as Domino and Colossus.

To some, this movie may not be worth seeing, because, what’s a Deadpool movie without all the blood and gore? Well, to be honest, the exact same. Though it may not be traditional Deadpool to some, it still contains all the bad jokes, movie references, 80’s music, and Deadpool still breaks the 4th wall.

To make the movie a little different, they also added some extra scenes. Some were scenes that were cut out of the original movie that really added to the humor. The other scenes were pure genius. In short, Deadpool kidnapped Fred Savage and duct taped him to a set identical to the bedroom in The Princess Bride. Not only was this a great movie reference, but it also added a lot of extra comedic scenes to the movie. By far, I laughed the hardest at the Fred Savage parts.

The only real shortcomings of this movie were the few comedic scenes that they had to cut out because there wasn’t really a good way to get rid of or reduce the violence, as well as the lines that had to be changed so they wouldn’t go over the cuss word limit. However, these small problems didn’t detract from the movie overall.

For those who are too young to watch it while it’s R rated, the movie is still really enjoyable even in its Pg-13 form. Personally, as someone who watched Deadpool 2, it was really fun to spot the little changes they made to the movie as well as watch all the scenes that they added. At the end of the movie, after all the credits, there was also a little-added bonus for those who were patient enough to stay even after all the after credit scenes had played. Once Upon a Deadpool is definitely worth seeing if you want to have a good laugh, and, surprisingly, cry a little too, whether you’ve seen the original movie or not.