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What’s wrong with the lack of pockets in girls clothes

One of the problems in the world today is the lack of pockets in girls clothing. Some people may find this funny, but it is extremely inconvenient. First, the majority of pants don’t have a single pocket. Jeans either have fake pockets or pockets barely deep enough to put half of your hand in.

The people who make clothes put these fake pockets in pants, then expect girls to buy a purse to compensate. However, you can’t carry a purse everywhere, and you don’t want to bring a purse to school. Pockets are extremely convenient. If you want to put your wallet in your pocket, there isn’t one. This brings problems like losing things or forgetting something.

If you have to carry around your phone or wallet with you where you go, you have nowhere to put it. When you buy something and have to carry it, you have to put your wallet somewhere. If you put it in the bag, you risk throwing your wallet away.

Another problem is the minuscule pockets that are in some pants. This is sometimes worse, because if you put your phone in your back pocket, you risk sitting down and leaving it in the chair or even worse, dropping it in the toilet.

While this may not seem like a serious issue, it is. Pockets are there for a reason, and when they are removed, problems happen.