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Mr. Stutzman’s remarkable 2k bike rides to LHS

A few years back, LHS math teacher Rodney Stutzman decided to bike to school as an easier way of transportation. Last Friday, the amount of times Mr. Stutzman has ventured early to LHS has accumulated to 2,000 times. Through Denver’s sunshine and snow, his two wheels have trustingly brought him to campus.

It has taken about 13 and a half years to get to those 2,000 bike rides, but he initially started off small.

“When I taught at Eaglecrest I had a long, kind of unpleasant drive, and when I got hired at Littleton I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I could bike 100 days out of the year?” said Stutzman.

Initially, his goal was to ride 100 times, but he then realized that he had ridden his bike to school 150 times. From then on, he became hooked on the idea of continuing his journey of bike riding to school.

“It’s the only time I get outside. Everyone complains about traffic but I don’t complain about traffic because I’m just biking through the neighborhood,” said Stutzman.

Stutzman has found this method of transportation much more convenient, than riding through the hundreds of cars every morning that have to wait for stop lights and traffic. The Highline Canal bridge was also recently built, allowing for bike riders such as himself to enjoy a lovely and peaceful ride above traffic.

Though 2,000 bike rides already seems like a lot, the miles makes this accomplishment truly astounding.

“As of now, its like 16,400 miles of biking. That would be like leaving Denver, and going to New York City, and then to Miami, and then to Los Angeles, and then to Seattle, and then to Chicago, and then to Houston, and then to Portland, then to Atlanta and back home,” said Stutzman.

Along with biking through the neighborhoods, he has counted the 200 miles that his bike has rolled through the LHS halls.

“I just told Monty that’s like pushing my bike up to Julesburg,” said Stutzman.

2,000 is a lot for a man on a bike to travel, but the question is whether 3,000 bike rides would be a considerable goal amount for the math teacher in the future.

“I’m to the point now where I have to think about how many more years I’ll teach and 3000 seems far away, because that’s like another 7 years of biking. I have been here for like 17 years but I’ve been gone for 4 so I think it’s 13.5 years to get to 2000. It would take 6 or 7 to get another 1000,” said Stutzman.

This great journey has been achieved through Mr.Stutzman’s determination and dedication to maintain a healthy lifestyle and truly embrace his morning routine.

“It reminds me of how much you accomplish if you just do a little bit of something every day. It doesn’t seem like a big deal each day and it doesn’t seem like a big deal each week but eventually it adds up to something surprising,” said Stutzman.