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Students At LHS Take Action

Over the past few weeks, students in language arts teacher Kristin Kron’s Comparative World Literature classes have been working on a different kind of project. Instead of writing the traditional analysis paper that most expect from their language arts class, Kron had her students research a problem that they noticed within the world and take action to help solve it.

“This project is kinda like not only researching about problems but also getting out there and doing something about it. With our own hands we’re making our own impact on the world,” said junior Landon Moore.

These students took action in many different ways. For example, junior Cinthia Roman volunteered at a nonprofit organization called the North Littleton Promise, which helps immigrant children and their families with school, finding religion, and English along with many other things. Juniors Bobby Schum and Landon Moore helped clean up a local park while juniors Trevor McMillan, Jacob Beutelschies, and Mason Huss made care packages and handed them out to the needy.

“It was just a small little thing we could do to make them a little bit happier that would brighten their day,” said McMillan.

This experience not only helped these students learn about a problem in their communities and encourage them to help solve it, but it also left them feeling good. It also helped teach Kron’s students about the importance of doing something in your community to make it even the smallest bit better.