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The Santa Clause Franchise: Which one is the best?

Over many years, The Santa Clause movies have captivated and captured the hearts of many people all over the world. The trio of movies are about Scott Calvin’s trials and tribulations while he takes on the job of being Santa Clause, and the actual clauses that come with the task.

Even though the first movie may be a classic holiday film for families everywhere, I believe the second movie outshines the others by far. Eight years after the events of the first movie, Scott must deal with his son, Charlie being put on the naughty list and finds out he must find a Mrs. Claus by Christmas or else he can’t be Santa again.

This movie not only delves into Scott’s love life and shows us a side of him we haven’t seen, but also shows how Charlie, Laura, Scott’s ex-wife and Neil, Charlie’s stepdad have adjusted to Scott’s new occupation.

Even though Scott kind of manipulates Carol (the future Mrs. Claus) into falling in love with him by using his magic, his heart of gold towards Charlie, his family, and other children makes up for it. A great example of that is when Scott arrives at the park where Charlie is doing community service and meets a little girl. He then uses his magic to find out her name and what she wants for Christmas, leaving the child’s mother shocked and Carol as well.

The first movie, simply titled The Santa Clause, introduces us to Scott Calvin and his son Charlie who is accidentally put into the position of working with elves and having to check his lists twice every year. It shows the transformation; including, but not limited to a check-up with his doctor concerning his weight and a white beard that can’t be shaved.

While this movie is the first in the series and a great introduction to the rest of the series, Scott’s decisions are questionable and paint him as a villain. From causing the old Santa Claus’s demise, to kidnapping Charlie after Laura and Neil ordered a restriction order against Scott, to not being cooperative with police, children can easily get the wrong idea of what’s right and wrong.

In the second movie, we can see that Scott has changed because of his humbling job as Santa Claus and being able to work with children has allowed him to become less self-centered and impulsive.

The third movie, The Escape Clause, shows Scott trying to keep Carol happy and less stressed, which shows to be difficult as a baby is on the way and the Christmas season is in full swing. On the other hand, Jack Frost tries to overthrow the whole North Pole operation and make it an amusement park instead of a business operation.

While this movie makes you feel for Scott and takes us back to the very beginning, the whole Jack Frost storyline is messy and left me bored when I tried to watch it again. Jack is just so stereo-typically evil, which in turn makes the rest of the movie predictable because of his actions. There are some heartwarming moments, like when Scott shows Lucy (his niece) to the Hall of Snowglobes, but the main story line overshadows these moments and makes you very disappointed in general.

This holiday season, don’t cause yourself the trouble and watch The Santa Clause or The Escape Clause. The only way to get the true satisfaction and Christmas spirit is from the second movie, and while watching it you’ll feel yourself in the Christmas spirit immediately and even more excited to watch more holiday movies after.